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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Local Flavor review

Vinaigrette - owned by Erin Wade
by Michael Nicola
(Feb.'09) Local Flavor

Fresh, boisterous and sophisticated — comfortable in Napa but thankfully here! It's a clear reflection of this Harvard graduate with a jones for potato chips, fashion and design and with no previous restaurant experience. She lives in Nambe? on a one-acre garden that is prepped to produce close to 100% of the restaurant's vegetables by this time next year. A follower of Michael Pollan ("Omnivore's Dilemma" and "In Defense of Food"). She's still in her 20's. You could hate her!

Started as a salad bistro with a great wine bar, she calls it "the new pizza" with an enormous list of salads, all chopped, "so you get a little bit of each flavor in each bite and it takes less dressing." The list of add-ons that let the customer feel "involved" is unique. "Collage art as salad," she quipped. I liked that. She draws shamelessly on the brilliant comfort food of her childhood. Try her grandmother's pumpkin pecan cheesecake.”