The Vinny crew is split up across a couple states and a few zip codes. We’re from all over the place, belong to different generations, and have unique perspectives and personalities. And, yet, there is something we hold in common—a certain spark, maybe even a dash of rebelliousness, but most of all love for the restaurant game and how it's played at Vinaigrette. 

We all love to make people feel better through food, to help our customers thrive both in and out of our doors, to be that reason why someone’s day took a turn for the better. We also spend way more time in the company of vegetables than the average human. So, here we are, with our spirit vegetables (or fruits).  


Lady Boss

if life gives you lemons, everything will taste better


Architect & Project Manager

I'm in the garden, taste testing,

stand by!

Stan the Man

Office Manager

tender hearted


Austin General Manager

spicy pepper pleasures


Austin FOH Manager

crisp with heat


Financial Guru

corny, the new cool

Kitchen Sam

Austin Kitchen Manager

are you flowering, or just happy to see me?


Santa Fe General Manager

tap that root


Santa Fe Kitchen Manager

serious but sweet


Santa Fe FOH Manager

mythic mega squash


ABQ General Manager

every day she's brusselin’


ABQ Kitchen Manger

bunches of fun!